Opéra national de Paris

Live and filmed performances: the new ways of watching opera

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Opéra national de Paris 

The Paris Opera’s mission is to bring the operatic and chorographical repertoire to the widest possible audience and to promote the creation of contemporary works.
To do so, the Paris Opera presents each year to its audience 400 performances and opens the doors of its two theatre houses, the Garnier and the Bastille operas, to visitors. The Paris Opera enriches regularly its digital platform: a 2015 internet website’s and mobile app’s overhaul, the 2020 launch of the aria webapp targeting young audiences wishing to learn more about opera and ballet in connection to the pop culture, the launch of its streaming platform in 2021.

Opéra national de Paris Challenges

Challenge 1
Enhancing the streaming experience to gain a new audience

Increase the streaming experience of opera and ballet performances to gain a new audience.


Challenge 2
A personalized experience to increase user loyalty

Offer our users a personalized experience to increase their engagement in watching contents on the platform.


L'Opéra chez soi

Why apply? 

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Publication about the winner on the Paris Opera website


Presentation of how public markets work in cultural institutions: key information on how to make a bid


Networking and contacts with our sponsors and partners who could be interested in the solution


A dedicated space for the solution’s presentation to clients (Studio Bastille)





Challenge Opening



Challenge Closing



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