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Africa and Middle-East, the new territory of fast growing Innovation ?

Mobile services are accessible from almost everyone in Africa and the Middle-East. Population is young & creative. Everything is ready to build the next worldwide digital leader.

Mobile services and in particular data usage is growing fast in MEA. Delivering an unmatchable customer journey through an essential mobile service. Accessible from everyone’s mobile phone is the target. It can be a service for B2B or B2C in verticals like financial services, eCommerce, agriculture, health, education, entertainment, transport, distribution, Energy...

We’re looking for advanced services leveraging Orange technologies and recent innovations such as Chatbot, IoT, Blockchain, VR, IA, all applied to local needs and network conditions.

But also our Content Team is looking for Gaming Partners targeting  this population.

Selection criteria:
No discrimination on person/company nationality as far as the project is rooted in MEA potential partnership with Orange.


Expected solutions & Scope Challenge 1 :

Expected solutions

• Chatbots & customer support solutions
• Third party financial services to leverage Orange Money usage
• ICT solutions for Agriculture/ AgriFood value chain
• ICT solutions for Health
• ICT solutions for Education
• eGovernment services
• IoT services
• Energy & smart metering solution
• eCommerce services


• Billing
• Government
• Health
• Agriculture
• Education
• E-commerce
• Energy
• Africa




Wellness Gamification Program: let's go, move your Body!

Creating and enriching amazing games to enable large success of wellness programs

Orange is providing wellness IoT solution for B2B, B2C and B2B2C segments. We already have the portfolio of smart things and access to the data, we now want to engage the user in action! Our solutions require a gamification engine to animate end-users willing to change their wellness habits.

Although Orange has now a Group Wellness Program and some first customers  in the field of Thalassotherapy Complex, Health Club and 'Sports for everyone' (versus competition high level), the wellness professional and end-users are requiring some motivation engines, to enable a safe and longterm appropriation dynamics. Gamification of wellness activities is the key to propose a physical activities, nutrition, stress management or even better, sleep programs.

Selection criteria: 

  • Catalogue of use cases
  • Easyness of integration of the gamification algorithm in customers' context
  • Variety of the proposed games

Scope Challenge 2 :

As a sportiv coach with a group of customers, I want to select a game or an application, to challenge them during the week with different goals.

As a tourist operator or smart city actor, I want to engage the population and visitors in new wellness activities in the city arround thematics like sport, food, stress, sleeping. I want to promote the assets of the city (monuments, green spaces…) targetting all kind of people : familly, business activ, senior citizens.

I am manager of a team of 50 people and I want to rely on the corporate wellness policy, to reduce the level of stress and facilitate transversality.




How to address my B2B agricultural challenges in mobility situations?

Agriculture has now become a very competitive sector where optimization is key to generate profits. This industry is currently undergoing digital transformation and new tools are now needed to better manage the daily business tasks.

The needs of modern agriculture requires data based operational decisions to optimize yield and boost revenue while minimizing expenses, the chances of crop failure, and environmental impact high production output. All the stakeholders involved in the value chain are evolving, from farmers all the way to distributors and reactivity, productivity, optimization, and innovation is needed to better manage this challenge.

Selection criteria : 
Targeting B2E mobile applications for industrial agricultural market players: midsize and large companies of 50-1000 employees.
For European Market

Expected solutions Challenge 3 :

Optimized and responsible production (vegetables, animals)

Business intermediation and collaboration

Customer relationship

Distribution and logistics


Scope Challenge 3 :


Farmers will be able to plan their job steps more accurately, which will result in less CO2 emissions, as well as less soil compaction.

Risk management

Predictability can help manage volatility such as weather, soil quality, and pest pressure, while, at the same time reducing the risk of adverse environmental impacts.


Business collaboration tools that allow better reactivity for faster decision-making between farmers, field agents, logistics, and distribution companies.


Platforms that allows new usage and utilization models of agricultural equipment.




Djingo, more than a digital butler, is your new best friend at home!

Djingo, Orange’s smart assistant, is looking for chatbots services to transform the day to day personal and family experiences. All types of services that can bring more convenience to people's live at home.

Our customers have less time to manage the family backend organization, they are looking for more simple and seamless experience in the digital services.


All the family as a group or individually.


I'd like to fall asleep listening dire straits, a conference, a podcast, 12 while 90mn...

Out of scope

Voice to text solutions.

Expected solutions Challenge 4 : Orange want to enrich its Chatbot's portfolio via our Smart Assistant Djingo in the following areas

TV channels, video, movies, Internet information & services, games, music, info, sms, mails.

An assistant able to manage smart home services and devices.

Interactive and collective Agenda.

Shopping (e-commerce)

Transports / travels, traffic.

Alarm clock...




It would be great if the TV screen becomes more than a TV

Creating new apps on TV & catch-up services relying on new data flows

Today people spend more than 3 hours 30 minutes in front of their TV screen watching live TV shows, replays, series. But there are very few digital services making the most of the TV screen. Catch-up TV services have to deliver a better personalized, seamless and HD quality experience and multi-device.

Ocast, the open source ecosystem for TV

OCast is a software technology that allows you to use a smartphone to play videos on devices including TV set-top boxes, TV Sticks or TVs and control playback of the video.

We are looking for startups that explore new ways to use TV in an applicative context, who could help us to invent tomorrow’s TV, and join our OCast’s Partners Portfolio

Scope Challenge 5 :

Interactions between TV and other devices

Find a new way to make the most of TV screen (for instance, how to display any webcam flow on TV screen)

Data for new services

Gather data flows to trigger services (for instance tags of all products shown in adverts to allow users to buy them with their remote control)

Personalized catch-up TV experience matching my centers of interest and habits, right after live broadcasting, with a multi-screen experience.

Orange is interested in solutions such as :

Interactions between different devices in the household (TV, mobile, connected devices etc.)

Capitalization on existing data to create new usages and services for the family.

Gathering of new data that could be used to trigger services.

Leverage new business models with Catch-up TV and data : a gold mine to explore for a better understanding of viewers likes and behaviors.

Provide use cases upon Ocast integration.




Future of Work

Reinventing workspace, tools, device, apps, work habits, relationship, connectivity, professional attitude and resource management in a seamless broadband connected world.

Expected solutions Challenge 6 :

Orange is interested in solutions such as:

  • Workspace of the future (Physical Device) : terminal, personal device, BYOD, BYOE, virtual (VDI…) > Innovation in the hands of the worker
  • Workplace of the future (Physical, Logical, Virtual, Apps) : offices, buildings, meeting places, hot desk, remote desk, home office, shared office > Innovation in the "Place I work"
  • Worker's connectivity (physical, logical, virtual, shared) : Mobile & Wireless solution (including 5G), Connectivity Infrastructure (Backbone to LAN), connectivity enhancement (quality...) > Next Generation Connectivity
  • Collaboration (physical, Logical, virtual) : Apps, connected tools, productivity, all Unified communications > new logical means of collaboration
  • HR / Me & My Job : Human resource, recruitment, talent attraction, retention, shared competences, new ways to work > HR Digital Transformation
  • UX/CX : Meeting end use needs, real ubiquity, performance, satisfaction & retention, data security & compliance

Scope Challenge 6

Next generation professional devices

Connectivity (from Backbone to LAN)

Collaboration tools

Work places / Work Habits




Insurance, savings: Imagine smart solutions !

Orange Bank is a 100% mobile bank offering an account,  a debit/credit card,
a mobile payment solution, a bank book and a bank advisor available 24/7.

All these services are free.

Orange Bank is close to users' expectations, highly-reactive to adapt to users’ daily uses and to guarantee the best self-care experience.

We want to complete our offer and we are looking for the banking services of the future to continue offering the best of tomorrow’s bank, today.

The goal is to offer high-value savings and insurance services at the best price to meet customers’ expectations.

These services must be based on the current offer, in the customers’ everyday life and the management of their money: their projects, their hard blows, their concerns.

Orange Bank places the user experience at the heart of its preoccupations; we’ve designed the most flowing offer to simplify our customers’ life and we would like to continue with saving and insurance.

We are searching for advanced solutions, related to insurance and savings such as: robo-advisor, blockchain, IoT, geolocation...

Be disruptive, be innovative !



• robo-advisor
• investment platforms
• digital advices,... new features, mobile first!


• Intuitive and simplified user experience (enrolment, accidents...)




Deliver impact in the society with digital

Projects which support and foster inclusion, social interactions, well-being and security for the elderlies and the disabled people in their daily life.

Including elderlies and disabled is a key challenge for our societies and digital technology and innovation is a key opportunity to propose them new solutions for them including sharing, socializing, mobilizing, enhancing their autonomy

Expected solutions Challenge 8 :

  • Home care services to keep autonomous and safe in my environment indoor and outdoor in a seamless environment
  • Communicate/share/interact with my relatives/my helpers / third parties services
  • Wellness : daily activities tracking and coaching
  • Gaming , entertainment, intellectual stimulation for example serious games
  • In connection with the thematic; device management tools , voice recognition integration, geolocation, geo-fencing, data analysis, monitoring, hub, collaborative platform, adapted devices for the target

Scope Challenge 8 :

Tech for good

Social Tech or Civil Tech

Sharing Economy

Disabled people

Senior ( aging )




Uses cases validated on the target.

Solution strength and maturity.




Video games have become networks dependent.

A high quality connection is needed  to enjoy the full gaming experience in all its dimensions.  Whether you need to select, download, update, buy, access, play online, chat with your game mates or even stream your favorite game.

We look for innovative ways to further assert the power of networks in the gaming area. It can be intended to casual gamer as well as to heavy gamers or eSport fans and players.

The gaming industry is quickly evolving and Orange also looks for projects that focus on streaming modes, VR, AR and new ways of communication between the players. 

Orange is also interested in developing new activities where game design can be used for other purposes than fun: serious gaming, ethics, training games for educational purposes.

Expected solutions Challenge 9:

VR games

AR games

Innovative networks solution for E-sports

Tech streaming solution

Serious games

Ethic games

Training games for educational purposes


No discrimination on person

Company nationality as far as the project

Game is easy to market or to use.