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From May 24th to May 26th 2018, Viva Technology will bring together 6,000 startups with top worldwide investors, companies & tech leaders. The Lab is VivaTech's DNA. It is a place where collaboration, open innovation, meetings between a leading company in its industry and innovative startups happens. During this event startups will have the opportunity to be part of the PMU Lab, if they are selected by the partner.

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PMU Challenge


Bring PMU's expertise to the largest possible audience

Imagine breakthrough solutions (betting, data, omnicanal, payment, proximity) to engage new audiences

Position and package PMU experiences reinvented for new customer journeys



Imagine betting experiences in new contexts

to engage with our customer targets

Explore new distribution channels

to meet our prospects where they are

Propose secure and flawless transactions

by taking advantage of new technologies (blockchain, fintech, wallet…)


PMU will assess the proposed solutions according to their transformative potential on its business. Startups will be selected on their ability to adapt and leverage PMU expertises through new channels, platforms or point of sales for new customers. Joint applications to embrace a larger scope of innovation are welcome.


  • 1st

    Be in our Lab
  • 2nd

    Your reward in the lab
  • 3rd

    Collaboration reward


Be in our Lab

1 booth in the Partner-Sponsored Lab
4 tickets / 3 days at VivaTech (Net Value: €290/unit)



Your reward in the lab

Demonstrate your solution, interact with an international audience and pitch your ability to propose a compelling user experience based on a business problematic. Earn a 35.000 EUR contribution to your project development. Access to the PMU ecosystem's resources during your project development.



Collaboration reward

Transform the opportunity of a large scale field implementation and operation of your solution in cooperation with PMU, an international leader of the betting industry.


PMU has a long history of innovation and integration of technology in its products and services. PMU has participated in Vivatech since the first edition in 2016 and is very commited to open innovation. In 2018, the challenges are oriented toward new customer acquisition. For this third edition, PMU will focus on one strategic challenge. Senior staff members will coach and follow this challenge. They will be the single point of contact for the start-ups and will be responsible for leveraging the resources from PMU vast eco-system. Through them, start-ups will have access to (but not only) expertise and data from sales, marketing, IT departments as well as horserace tracks, retail network.