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Accelerate innovation in Africa for better care

While representing 17% of the world’s population, Africa represents 25% of global disease burden and only 2% of world’s doctors. This discrepancy illustrates the ongoing challenges of access to health for African populations. As a global industry leader and a key healthcare actor in Africa for more than 60 years, we feel it is our responsibility to continuously seek out the most innovative, adapted approaches to improve access to healthcare for the people of Africa whether it is preventing disease or managing illness. At Afric@Tech Sanofi will welcome a selection of talented individuals and start-ups which offer innovative solutions for health

Sanofi Challenges


Challenge 1

How to support patients with a digital health book  in order to access information and make decision?

Anyone should be able to own their personal health data safely, to easily recall their health history and facilitate the right dialogue and decision with doctors. ​ The proposed solution should contain major health event data (vaccinations, lab results, disease history, prescriptions, and guidance & tips).


Challenge 2

How to help healthcare systems leapfrog from manual to smart logistics solutions at point of care?

In some countries, logistics data at the point of care are not digitalized, which leads to:

  • ​Unoptimized supply chain;
  • No batch traceability, fake medicines;
  • Heavy paperwork;​
  • The solution should ensure appropriate drug delivery to patients.


Challenge 3

How to improve financing and impact of innovative health solutions in Africa?

Access to new therapeutic solutions remains a major challenge for a large part of population in Africa.

The proposed solution should bear upon innovative financing options and must be able to measure the impact. Startups already working with banks and insurance are welcome.

Challenge 4

Sanofi Espoir Foundation challenge​ : How to improve maternal and neonatal health in sub-Saharan Africa? ​

Maternal and child mortality remains a major concern in sub-Saharan Africa with 2/3 of worldwide maternal deaths. The foundation, with its local and global partners, aims at identifying novel solutions by tackling social determinants of maternal health and meeting women’s needs First pilot will be in Senegal.

Winners Prizes

Why participate?

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  • 2
  • 3


  • A corner to demonstrate your solution to the attendees in the Lab
  • Develop your network with key stakeholders and investors
  • 4 tickets / 3 days at VivaTech
  • Some support for traveling costs to Paris



  • Opportunity to attend a pitch preparation workshop the day before VivaTech
  • Pitch in front of a jury composed of Sanofi top executives and key external stakeholders



  • Engage deep discussion with expert functions and Sanofi in Africa General Managers to assess feasibility of future collaboration in Africa (e.g. potential pilot, potential scale up in another African country...)

  • Coaching / Mentoring & potential acceleration, with involvement of Sanofi Africa Leadership team

  • Opportunity for an access to Sanofi internal expertise to support your business and your international growth strategy





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