TOTAL & VINCI Energies

Energy Blockchain in Africa


From May 24th to May 26th 2018, Viva Technology will bring together 6,000 startups with top worldwide companies, investors and tech leaders. The Lab is VivaTech's DNA. It is a place where collaboration, open innovation, meetings between a leading company in its industry and innovative startups happens. During this event, startups will have the opportunity to be part of the “Afric@TECH" alongside Total and VINCI Energies.

VINCI Energies Vision statement

In a world undergoing constant change, VINCI Energies focuses on connections, performance, energy efficiency and data to fast track the rollout of new technologies and support two major changes: the digital transformation and the energy transition. With their strong regional roots and agile organisational structure, VINCI Energies’ 1,600 business units boost the reliability, safety and efficiency of energy, city, transport and communication infrastructures, factories and buildings.

To foster innovation in all BUs, VINCI Energies offers a global service such as, identifying the major game changers of its businesses, maintaining strong and positive relationships with its innovation ecosystems (universities, VCs, accelerators, startups, etc.), accelerating internal projects or startups (intrapreneurs) and even by investing in key startups (8 investments so far.) By sharing this knowledge and promoting collective intelligence thanks to new methodologies and digital tools, VINCI Energies has been strengthening its innovation capabilities to the full benefits of its clients.

TOTAL Vision statement

Total is a global integrated energy producer and provider, a leading international oil and gas company, and a major player in low-carbon energies. Our 98,000 employees are committed to better energy that is safer, cleaner, more efficient, more innovative and accessible to as many people as possible. As a responsible corporate citizen, we focus on ensuring that our operations in more than 130 countries worldwide consistently deliver economic, social and environmental benefits.

The world is confronting a growing demand for energy; what is more, that energy must also be affordable, reliable and clean. Total’s task is to stay abreast of market trends and changing communities while tackling major technological challenges, all to ensure that we continue to inspire our employees and fulfill our ambition of being the responsible energy major. To do that, we work on accelerating the emergence of new products, services, processes and technology; and facilitating and expanding our collective intelligence, identifying in-house talent more effectively and adapting to changes in the work environment.

Total practices open innovation through more than 1,000 active partnerships with both public and private research institutions, universities, customers, suppliers, small businesses and start-ups, through it's capîtal venture fund Total Energy Ventures, our partner the Techstar Paris Accelerator, our own multicorporate "plant 4.0" start-up incubator amongst other examples.

THE CHALLENGE : Energy Blockchain in Africa

How blockchain technologies can help make energy more accessible in Africa?

Energy is a key lever for development and as such giving access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy is one of the major challenges for Africa. The solution cannot only come from massive grid infrastructures. Local shared micro grids connected to renewable energy mixes are also part of the solution. And blockchain technologies can help follow, quantify, account and manage energy exchange flows.


Manage decentralized microgrids

Leverage interactions between microgrids and national grid

Using blockchain to tackle energy access in Africa


  • 1st

    Be in our Lab
  • 2nd

    Your Reward in a Lab
  • 3rd

    Collaboration Reward


Be in our Lab

1 booth in the Partner-Sponsored Lab
4 tickets (Net Value: €290/unit) / 3 days at VivaTech



Your Reward in a Lab

The opportunity to pitch and do a demo of your solution on the Lab
Meet with TOTAL and VINCI Energies executives, mentors and VC representants



Collaboration Reward

For the best startup:

a slot in VINCI Energies Innovation Day to present the solution to the whole Top Management + the connexion with VINCI Energies Inerbiz fund (Corporate fund) + TOTAL :

- connections to appropriate Business Units

- opportunity to participate to start-up demo day at the Booster in Paris

- connections with Total Energy Ventures funds